Welcome to the Tercio Viejo!

I am your Sergeant Major. You are about to embark on the adventure of the Spanish Way. As a good son of a nobleman, prepare your Toledo steel and polish your armor because we do not want idle and, if you do not wish to stain your name, beware of guasas and bullas. No grudges and jácaras are allowed on pain of going to the galleys to bludgeon sardines.

Do you have the necessary courage to begin your training?



Tacmento is a card game for 1 or 2 players based on the Spanish tercios. The game lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. Few games achieve so much with so few components: a small rulebook and a few cards. Don't be fooled by the content: in Tacmento you will find not only a great game experience (either solo, facing another player or advancing battle by battle through the campaign mode) but also, remnants of our history present in each of its components. The rules have been written with great care, so that from the beginning you feel that you are part of a Spanish Tercio thanks to its style and expressions. The battles and dates of the battles as well as the narrative of the cards and troop formations are real historical descriptions. Each of his illustrations are faithful recreations of soldiers of the time, with their typical weapons and clothing characteristic of this period. The typography of the titles and the graphic design in general has also been carefully designed.

Tacmento's solitaire mode is puzzle-like. You must lead your troops in the middle of a battle and you must follow the Field Master's instructions to reorganize the formation as quickly as possible to ensure victory; otherwise, the battle will be lost. You will have to reorganize the troops (cards) in less than 12 turns, so that all military orders (objectives) are completed simultaneously in the formation. In the competitive mode, two players will face each other on the battlefield where you will have to capture and move enemy troops to your battle zone. Each troop type awards a score. The game lasts 2 rounds. The one who scores the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Finally, you will be able to face a complete challenge in the campaign mode.

The Tacmento rules are written in such a way that you can learn to play on the fly. Thanks to its tutorial, you will learn how to play quickly and easily. You will have time to face all the challenges that Tacmento offers. We assure you that it is not easy to overcome, even at the most advanced levels.


- 18 troop cards:

- 5 pikemen

- 5 arquebusiers

- 3 cavalry

- 1 captain

- 3 artillery

- 1 drummers and fifes.

- 18 objective cards: in Spanish on the front side and English on the reverse side.

- 2 score summary cards in Spanish and English (Maneuvers and Instruction modes).

- 2 Field Master cards (Maneuvers mode).

- 7 Spanish Battles cards (Campaign mode).

- 7 English Battles cards (Campaign mode).

- 1 campaign score card in English and Spanish (Campaign mode).



Data sheet

Players Min.
Players Max.
Playing Time
10 min
Full edition bilingual in English and Spanish. All the components are in both languages.

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