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War of the Triple Alliance


In this wargame for 2 players, ages 14 and up, recreate the war that pitted tiny Paraguay against the Brazilian Empire, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The Charge of the Three Kings The Charge of the Three Kings
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The Charge of the Three Kings


An epic clash between Christian and Muslim armies with a dynamic impulse-based game system that will delight even the most demanding strategists.

Von Manstein's Triumph


On June 6, 1942, Erich von Manstein\'s German 11th Army launched what was to be the final assault on the besieged Soviet fortress of Sevastopol, the last episode of the campaign for the conquest of the Crimea.

The King in the North


The King in the North is a game for 2 players that represents the first Civil War, called Carlist War, that took place between 1833 and 1839, between the Carlists, supporters of the Infante Carlos María Isidro de Borbón and an absolutist regime, and the Isabelinos, defenders of Isabel II and the regent María Cristina de Borbón, whose government was originally moderate absolutist and ended up becoming liberal to obtain greater popular support. Although the war took place in several regions of Spain (Basque Country, Navarre, Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia), in this game only the one that took place in the North is represented. 



Welcome to the Tercio Viejo!

I am your Sergeant Major. You are about to embark on the adventure of the Spanish Way. As a good son of a nobleman, prepare your Toledo steel and polish your armor because we do not want idle and, if you do not wish to stain your name, beware of guasas and bullas. No grudges and jácaras are allowed on pain of going to the galleys to bludgeon sardines.

Do you have the necessary courage to begin your training?